Holiday Special & Video Now Ready! Admyar Photography Modern Portraits

Hey There Friends! 

November & December are offically portrait months and we are booking solid! 

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Email us to take advantage, but hurry this offer is only good through 11/15

Mother & Daughter Brunch on the Patio with Mimosas at Small Indulgences!

Here are some amazing photos from a recent session over at Small Indulgeneces!! This mother and daughter had the most stunning eyes ever! I have known Tarah & Cathy ever since I was a child. Cathy was my mother’s best friend her whole life so needless to say she knows all of my deep dark secrets hehe! Now when I am missing my mom and the world gets to be too much I know that Cathy is always there for me, with a piece of mom too. I love them so much and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to photograph them together!!

It took me awhile to convince Mom that we needed to do this shoot, but in the end she was so happy that we did it! Now she has some awesome images to share with family here at Christmas and will always cherish these photos! 

Can you belive that there are so many mothers and daughters who never get the chance to do a shoot together? I challenge you all to EXIST IN PHOTOS!! One day your children will look for photos of you and will cherish every single one that they find. I dont care what negative thoughts you have about yourself!!! You NEED to EXIST in PHOTOS for you and for your family. Memories are not deifned by what you look like!! 

Ok end of rant…enjoy! 

Special thanks goes out to Jamie B Makeup and Laura Reum for Hair and to Small Indulgences for hosting! 

Contact me today if you are interested in having your Family photos done!! 



Carol's Stunning Flower & Light Filled Glamour Session at Small Indulgences Salon & Spa

Hello Everyone! 

Carol was the winner from our most recent giveaway! She received a free Glamour shoot and all I can say is “WOW” because Carol really rocked this shoot and I am in love with her!  She has done a few sessions in the pasy so she made my job really easy when it came to making her look beautiful! See what I mean! 


I really loved how she just radiates with positivity and happiness. It is truly a pleasure to connnect with my clients, that is how we manage amazing shots like this one: 


Jamie B did such an amazing job on the makeup, and thanks to her these sessions were possible! You can find her work at and make sure to like her over on Facebook! I have to say a huge thank you to Jamie for helping me to coordinate and brainstorming the mini session ideas! They were a huge success and we hope to continue to do mini sessions ongoing! 

Also lets not forget Laure Reum who made the Hair absolutely stunning, look at those curls! Thank you Laura! 


I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Small Indulgences Salon & Spa for allowing me to host Mini Sessions! Small Induglences has one of the most beautiful light filled homes to shoot in and the grounds around it have a magical feel to them. Also helps that we got to use some of the petals from the spa! They always have fresh flowers placed throughout the place, gives it such a romantic, airy natural feel. Make sure to follow them on Facebook






Stay tuned for more photos from the Glamour Mini Sessions that day!

Love & Light 


Glamour MINI SESSIONS! - Exclusive One day Makeover and Photoshoot at the Beautiful Small Indulgences.

Ladies I am so excited to announce a great partnership with the wonderful Small Indulgences Salon & Spa! I am hosting an Exclusive One day Makeover and Photoshoot on September 8th. These Glamour Mini Sessions are the perfect way to give yourself a boost of confidence and get some fresh images for yourself. You will be pampered by the professional hair and makeup team complete with airbrushed makeup and falsies. There are two affordable packages to choose from and they both include photos! You work hard and you deserve to treat yourself and make it all about you for once!

Come spend a piece of your day with me and be transformed and have photos to document your beauty! 

Where: Small Indulgences Salon & Spa - 9 Sanchez St 

When: September 8th - One day only! Email or Call to book. 

Plan a date after because you will look and feel AMAZING!
Chose from one of these Packages: 
The Tease
Pre Shoot Consultation with the Photographer & Personal Stylist 
Complimentary Hair Styling
Professional Makeup Application
1 Digital Image 
30 Minute Shooting time
Posing & Facial Expression Coaching
Blemish, Scar, & Photo Retouching 
Personal Viewing Session
10% off all Wall Art & Custom Albums 
Indulge Me
Pre Shoot Consultation with the Photographer & Personal Stylist 
Photo Ready Hair Styling 
Profession Makeup Application
3 Digital Images 
30 minute shooting time
$50 Product Credit 
Posing & Facial Expression Coaching
Blemish, Scar, & Photo Retouching 
Personal Viewing Session 
10% off all Wall Art & Custom Albums 
Additional digital files, wall art, albums, and canvases can be purchased at your personal viewing session. 

Can you make me thinner?

Can you make me thinner? It’s a question I get daily. It is a constant worry for potential clients and, as a woman, I absolutely understand! Every woman’s personal body image is uniquely her own and I am going to try not to generalize too much here but here it goes:

Can I? YES! I CAN make you thinner. I can take off 5 pounds, or 10, or 20… or 30 or more. I have been retouching professionally for many years and I treat the editing process as an art form. I have the technical proficiency to reshape your body in almost any way you can imagine!

Bachelorette Boudoir jacksonville florida -5.jpg

Will I? IT DEPENDS! Simply put, I do what you ask to create the photos YOU envision! These are your photos, your art that you are entrusting me to create for you. Your experience with my studio is one of close collaboration and communication. My one and only concern is that you are thrilled with your final images. I do what I do because it is my passion to show my clients the beauty inside themselves! I hate that so many women go a lifetime without seeing themselves as beautiful. I hate the pressure society puts on us to fit in the standard “box” of beauty. I think it is unfair to reserve the photoshoot experience for only models and celebrities. Each of us deserves to be pampered. We all deserve to feel beautiful!

I treat every photo as an individual work of art. Every image receives the care, time and attention that I would give to a canvas hanging in an art gallery. This begins from the moment each image is created. Lighting is carefully considered to portray the look and feel that you envision, from pinup to boudoir to Old Hollywood glamour to editorial lingerie looks. Wardrobe is carefully chosen and fitted to be flawless. I’ll guide you through your session and help you achieve the best expressions and poses. When your session is complete and the editing begins I will smooth skin, slim tummies, remove arm creases and show you at your absolute best. I will only enhance your photos to your comfort level, which is something that we will discuss during your appointment.

There is a list of things I always fix. Excluding specific requests of a client, I always edit the following:

Skin - I always soften and smooth the skin in some way. This varies depending on the genre. Pinup? Perfect, porcelain skin. Glamour? You’ll have that sexy glow-from-within. Boudoir? Natural, soft texture and flawless appeal. Head shots? Very natural, true to life texture that looks positively radiant!

Blemishes - I define a blemish as anything temporary. If it will heal or go away (zits, acne, cuts, scrapes, scratches) then I remove it.

Bruises - Bumped your leg on a chair and got a bruise? It will disappear.

Cellulite - Whether on behinds, thighs or elsewhere… there won’t be any trace of it when we’re done.

Stretch Marks - Yes, they are badges of honor. I have more than I can count. Do I want to look at them in photos of myself… not really. They go, too.

Makeup Mishaps - The corner of your false eyelashes lifted? Fixed. Some mascara flakes on your cheeks? Poof. Gone. Lipstick strayed? I’ll fix it.

Belly Creases - Some poses are just cute and it’s worth the crease… so it will be smoothed and you’ll never even know it was there.

Then there is the list of things that are part of the discussion with you, the client. This includes:

Wrinkles & Fine Lines - I soften wrinkles and remove some as a general rule. I won’t make you look 20 if you’re 50 (but I can if you want me to) and I try to keep skin work very natural. You don’t want someone you know to look at your photo and see painfully obvious editing. Obviously, a professional makeup application goes a LONG way on this one.

Beauty Marks and Birth Marks - I LOVE beauty marks and birthmarks! They are unique and make you stand out! However, I respect that you might not agree so I’m happy to handle them in any way you prefer.

Scars - Many scars are badges of honor but they are also very personal. I have a scar on my shin from poor planning on rollerblades in my teens… and another from running my brother’s dirt bike into a stone wall. Am I proud of them… sure. Would I edit them out on myself… probably. On the other hand, I’ve worked with a number of cancer survivors who are very proud of their scars! This is something we will talk about and the choice is yours. Be aware that I can remove even the most significant scaring in most cases (tummy tucks, cesarean scars, scars from full body lifts) so please don’t hesitate to ask before you book your appointment if you have concerns about larger scars.

Freckles - I can remove (or soften/fade) them if you ask… but I might cry… because I ADORE freckles!

Body Reshaping - This is something that I do on most clients sparingly. I often do some minor reshaping when it is warranted. Generally, it isn’t even noticeable. A little nip in at the waist, a bit of tummy flattening, slimming the thighs or upper arms is very typical. I am also happy to do more than that upon request. I really can take off 5, 10, 15, 20 pounds and beyond… but I do like to strike a balance between reality and perfection. Why? Because every woman IS beautiful and I love curves! We will pose you to flatter your body type, whether you are a size 00, 8, 12, 22 or 28. You want to be the best version of yourself, whether you are athletic, slender, curvy, voluptuous or something in between… but you still want to be YOU!

Love & Light