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Hello Ladies (and Gents possibly;)

I am running the below special for just a few dates for the months of March and April! Feel free to share the love with your friends….Men what a great gift for you lovely woman. 

First person to email me about the special gets a free surprise gift! Email me here:

Feb Special.jpg


Nicole :)


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Burlesque Themed Boudoir PhotoShoot

Can you say emerald green satin brocade corset? Garters? Cuban heel vintage backseam stockings? What about pearls and lace? This was one sexy session right here! LOL.

I had the pleasure of photographing this amazingly beautiful woman! Its hard to believe that she is a mom of two with these good looks and those rockin curves! We had a great time planning the outfits, and getting ready for the shoot. Then came the big day!. Ms.L consulted with the makeup artist to describe her ultimate dream look and then they got to work! She chose a brown smokey eye with a red lip and of course Lucia hooked it up and made her look amazing!
Ms L Boudoir Blog Board.jpg

Here is her before and after:

Liz Before and After.jpg

Lucia by the way is the amazingly talented makeup artist who will make you look and feel fabulous on the day of your session. She also does simple hairstyles such as curly, or straight. If you would like an updo or something more complicated please let me know and we can discuss options :)

And one more because I love this Black and White, Oh so classic…
Liz Boudoir-68 BW_.jpg

Thank you so much to my beautiful client for trusting me with taking her images, I had a wonderful time! 

By the way, Lucia is getting a spot on our webpage soon so look for that update soon! Thanks to Lucia for always making the ladies look great. Lucia specializes in wedding makeup application so if you are getting married (or know someone who is) Lucia can be there for you. She does full airbrushing and false eyelashes as a part of her services. When you come to the studio to get a boudoir session airbrushing and falsies are also included! The makeup application really completes the look and the falsies give your eyes that full sexy look that we are going for in boudoir looks. When photographing women makeup has to be more dramatic because you can look washed out from the flash. Also special care is taken to not apply shimmery looks that can cause weird highlights in your photos as the flash will bounce of the shimmer and not look good at all. Another reason to leave the work to the professionals ;)

If you would like to book a session follow this link:

Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to planning your sexy session soon,

Disclaimer: All images are used with permission as we would never share what you don’t want us to.




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New Product Alert!

Your Images on Wood

I have started offering canvas on wood prints and i must say I love the wood grain in the image. It gives it such a natural woodsy vibe and really makes the image come alive!

We currently have these available for order and they come in all different sizes. Here is a peek at one I recently purchased.





 Here is an up close shot so you can see the detail in the woodgrain.




I do have this sample in studio so when you come by ask to see it if you are interested! They are gorgeous :)


Thanks for looking



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Valentines Day Boudoir Party Shoot!

Hello My Lovely Ladies,

Are you ready for an amazing day in which you will be made up from head to toe and feel so glamorous? Well…


The What?

We are doing a boudoir marathon shoot for Valentines Day! Basically it is a weekend long event where we book multiple sessions which allow us to give you a big discount! I am so excited to be hosting my first marathon session and I only have 5 spots available that day so get your inquires in fast as they will sell out quickly. We will have snacks, refreshments, music, and movies during the event! I am considering adding an additonal day to the lineup depending upon the amount of interest. Details below:

Why do a Valentines boudoir shoot?

We will have a special valentines day set for the day of the shoot (nothing cheesy we promise!) that will be sure to make you and your honey happy! We are offering these sessions for this day only and are $100 off of our normal session price, an amazing deal! It will be a really fun day hanging with the girls in which you will get professional makeup application with airbrushing, false eyelashes (with the amazing Lucia who is the BEST makeup artist), complimentary hairstyling (simple waves or straight), and 6 of your favorite images retouched and edited! Additional edited images are available at $35 each if 6 photographs just simply isn’t enough for you. You deserve this, because life is hectic and you deserve a day of pampering and confidence building.

Day of shoot: Saturday, January 26th All day

Preconsultation to be held over phone, skype or in person on January 12 & 13th to get to know each other and share ideas.

Shoot Cost is $299 with $100 non refundable retainer and signed contract to secure your spot. Retainer is applied to the session cost. Full payment is due by 1/19/13.

You must call or email by 1/19/13 to get a free 8x10 gift print. Click here to Book Now! Or Call or text at 904-814-3582.

We will have an area for waiting, snacking and movie watching, private dressing and getting ready area, as well as a private shooting room.

Only 5 time Slots available: -Feel free to Book back to back with your friends it would be a fun girls day out! We ask that everyone be on time (or early) as any lateness will leave you with less shooting time.

Shoots are not guaranteed unless we receive a signed contract and the $100 retainer fee. Please contact us to book at or Click here to Book Now! Once received we will be sending you a preparation guide and questionnare as well as scheduling your personal consulatation. Location details will be given prior to the event.

The Admyar Photography Team is excited to work with you and we cant wait until the V-Day Party!! 

Check out more of our work here:


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Taking on Boudoir sessions!

Hello All!!

So here it goes…..I am now offering boudoir sessions to my clients and this blog will now be dedicated to boudoir sessions! Yay! I am looking forward to 2013 and cant wait to show you what I have in store :) Here is a teaser below….Enjoy and dont forget to jump over to our brand spanking new website and let us know what you think. 

Adymar timeline 2.jpg

lu edited 0291edited.jpg

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